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Marriage related websites:

Engaged Encounter

An Engaged Encounter, weekend is a form of marriage preparation. It is designed to give couples preparing for marriage the chance to talk openly about their expectations and attitudes in such areas as work, money, children, in-laws, sex, leisure time, church, etc.

Getting Married

Marriage preparation for engaged couples, An Irish website.

Marriage Encounter

Marriage Encounter Weekends offer couples the opportunity to grow closer. It helps people to refocus on the values that are really important to them and to live more joyful and purposeful lives. It is not aimed at marriages that are in difficulty, because Marriage Encounter does not offer advice or counselling for marriage in crisis.


Retrouvaille offers weekends of ministry to those who are experiencing pain or separation in their marriage.

Teams of Our Lady (Equipes Notre Dame)

‘Teams of Our Lady’ is a lay Catholic movement for married spirituality. Each team consists of 4 or 5 married couples together with a priest as Spiritual Counsellor. Members provide support and encouragement for each other on their spiritual journeys and in their daily lives.

Care for the Family

Promotes strong family life and help for those hurting because of family breakdown.

Natural Family planning & Fertility:

Life Fertility Care Programme

Life Fertility Care Programme promotes and supports reproductive health and fertility.

London Fertility Care Centre

London Fertility Care Centre, promoting a natural, medical, holistic approach to fertility.

Billings Ovulation Method

Online explanation of the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning, including sample charts.

Couple to Couple League

Couple to Couple League, building healthy marriages through Natural Family Planning.



Life, provide a nationwide care service for pregnant women, unsupported mothers, women with problems relating to pregnancy, fertility or infertility, or suffering from the effects of abortion. They aim to protect and preserve good health, and educate the general public in all matters relating to pregnancy.


Preghelp, provides advice and information on all aspects of pregnancy; their National Hotline is staffed by counsellors who are there to listen to problems, and not to judge.

Pro-life Care Online

Pro-life Care Online aims to affirm, defend and promote the existance and values of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. It provides help and counselling for those who have unplanned pregnancies, and is also a source of reference for information on pregnancy and/or fertility issues.


SPUC, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, defends human life from conception till natural birth.

Christian Websites:

Goodnews online:

Catholic Web Design:

Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls:

Other sites mentioned:

Acorn Christian Foundation:

The Association of Christian Counsellors:

The Catholic Bible School:

Cruse Bereavement Care:

The Institute of Counselling:

Pecos Benedictine Monastery:

The Catechism of the Catholic Church:

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